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If you need full automatic accompaniment or workstation facilities you may need something bigger than the "Partner"
Here are some of the alternatives.

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The Kenton wireless MIDI system.

If you need to move around , unfettered by wires and cables and yet still play your MIDI, then this system will let you do this. British made - so no 6 week wait for service or customer help. This is a WEM powered device which will transmit your MIDI messages up to about 50 metres - including all program changes etc.


Kenton Wireless System
multi cradle Watkins Multi Cradle.

Only obtainable from us - because we are the only ones who make them ! You put all your main all singing, all dancing expander on the separately height adjustable, tilt-able top and two modules on separate shelves underneath. Connect them all up on a multi plug and they all power up together, all ready to go.

£145 plus freight. 

Single cradle version £60 plus.

We have lots of great accordion accessories (electronic and otherwise) including the Watkins 'Custom' Accordion Microphone system
(now with built in echo and reverb) and the Petersen Chromatic Strobo Tuner (probably the best available tuner).

Custom Mic System Petersen Tuner.

Call us or see the WEM website for more details.

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